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More Gleanings from Proverbs

Why do we waste so much time spinning our wheels to “arrive”? Where is it we are trying to go? Who are we trying to keep up with? Is the grass really greener on the other side?

Resting in His love, mercy, greatness, and trusting that His sovereign plan is what He wants for us is not always easy or reachable in a given moment. When an accident happens or job loss occurs, for example, it may be really easy to kindle bitterness and questioning. Some people learn through health challenges that they must rest in the Lord. When we realize afresh our utter dependence on HIm, when we are sick or needy or hurting we are broken by Him and we learn more of humility and our need of a Saviour. We must always cling to Christ or Lord, He who endured every kind of suffering, pain and affliction.

The Proverbs are so much a HUGE TREASURE CHEST of wisdom……….more gleanings are coming. I’m struck by the breadth of issues covered; foibles and follies of human relationships are dealt with throughout the book.


If today I could fly anywhere in the world, where would I go?

If I could give any gift in the world to someone, what would it be?

If I could see what the future holds, would I want to know?

If I could find a treasure chest full of treasures, what would that be?

The Lord has been showing me that that treasure chest is sitting on my dining room table.

As I read it (Bible), I unearth great and precious treasures.

Being a Grandma

As of May 4 I’m a Grandma again! My 2nd grandchild was born early that morning! She was 8 # 5oz. and 21″ long. Her name is Erin Mairead (Irish for “pearl”). What a wonderful privilege and blessing it is to be blessed in this way once again. I’m learning to think more generationally. What I do and say and think today impacts the coming generations…..I need to go study the Proverbs some more to get more wisdom.

Proverbs 31

From Charles Bridges in his commentary, Proverbs:

“So rare is this treasure, that the challenge is given —- ‘Who can find a virtuous woman?’ Abraham sent to a distant land for this inestimable blessing for his beloved son. Perhaps one reason of the rarity of the gift is, that it is so seldom sought. Too often is the search made for accomplishments, not for virtues; for external and adventitious recommendations, rather than for internal godly worth…Truly her price is above rubies. No treasure is comparable to her.”