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Well ladies, I’d be interested in knowing if any of your husbands have discovered GTD. GTD stands for getting things done. My husband has been interested in learning more about GTD the past 2 months and my home has become much more organized and more clutter free than before. One of the big lessons we’ve been learning is to NOT make the whole basement, garage and house a big inbox. Instead, have a (that’s right A) designated spot / basket on the desk for the inbox. What this will do is begin to consolidate incoming info. Also, a motto is the TRASH CAN IS MY FRIEND. That’s right, keep throwing out junk/decluttering. Throw stuff out daily, esp. at the beginning of implementing some of these changes. We can actually see alot more of our basement floor since we got going with this system. If you have any GTD stories to swap, let me know.