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Being a Grandma

As of May 4 I’m a Grandma again!? My 2nd grandchild was born early that morning!? She was 8 # 5oz. and 21″ long.? Her name is Erin Mairead (Irish for “pearl”).? What a wonderful privilege and blessing it is to be blessed in this way once again.? I’m learning to think more generationally.? What I do and say and think today impacts the coming generations…..I need to go study the Proverbs some more to get more wisdom.

Happy Thanksgiving to all Who Read This

Today, as part of my devotional time with the Lord, I was going through another chapter of Gate Keepers of the Home – How to Guard Your Home by Nancy Campbell. The chapter dealt with how we can bless/minister to/encourage others. I share with you this entry from Matthew Henry’s commentary discussing Proverbs 11:25 which reads, “The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself.”

“So backward are we to works of charity, and so ready to think that giving undoes us, that we need to have it very much pressed upon us how much it is for our own advantage to do good to others, as before, v. 17. 1. We shall have the comfort of it in our own bosoms: The liberal soul, the soul of blessing, that prays for the afflicted and provides for them, that scatters blessings with gracious lips and generous hands, that soul shall be made fat with true pleasure and enriched with more grace. 2. We shall have the recompence of it both from God and man: He that waters others with the streams of his bounty shall be also watered himself; God will certainly return it in the dews, in the plentiful showers, of his blessing, which he will pour out, till there be not room enough to receive it, Mal. 3:10. Men that have any sense of gratitude will return it if there be occasion; the merciful shall find mercy and the kind be kindly dealt with. 3. We shall be enabled still to do yet more good: He that waters, even he shall be as rain (so some read it); he shall be recruited as the clouds are which return after the rain, and shall be further useful and acceptable, as the rain to the new-mown grass, he that teaches shall learn (so the Chaldee reads it); he that uses his knowledge in teaching others shall himself be taught of God; to him that has, and uses what he has, more shall be given.”

Under the Overpass

Recently, I read a book called Under the Overpass which was a quick read because the reader is drawn into the life of 2 young men who choose to live on the streets for 5 months. They want to put their faith in action and see if it really does make a difference. There?s a website called for more information.

Book Cover - Under the Overpass

Fall Time

Summer is coming to a gentle close and this time of year brings many changes. The children are a year older from last Fall, some have completed k-12 schooling and are onto other endeavors. Perhaps there’s been a wedding in the past year. Or, maybe a grandchild has been born.

Fall colors

Like January, there seems some folks also like to start new habits in the Fall. With the family a year older maybe an older child can help with more food preparation, or food shopping, gardening, lawn care, baby care, housework, family projects.

Do the parents in the home need a little more exercise? If there isn’t farm-work, how about taking a few walks together each week? Perhaps some folks are finding themselves in a whole new phase of life….empty-nesters looking for service or ministry opportunities or almost empty-nesters taking a little more time to connect with adult children who may need some emotional support, encouragement or advice.

As far as service opportunities, they are aplenty. Someone in the immediate family may need help, or a relative or someone from church. A phone call may help, running an errand, an impromptu visit or helping weekly at a newer ministry in the area, reaching out to immigrants from other countries.

Wherever you find yourself at this Fall, give thanks for the great Lord who is the Maker and Sustainer. If you have several younger children in the home, enjoy each day….the baby/toddler/young child days do pass by quickly. As the honeybee fills the honeycomb with honey, savor each moment the Lord gives you. Look at the day’s happenings as opportunities to serve the Lord, to see His hand. Do not grow weary in well-doing.