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Bridal Shower Devotional

I’ve been asked to do a devotional.? As I’ve prayed about this opportunity, I thought of the song Find Your Wings.? This song was played at a couple of my children’s graduations.? It makes me cry whenever I sing the song or hear it.? I’d like to give the moms here tonight a song sheet and am requesting your help in singing it along with the c.d.? This song is dedicated to A.D. and to all the young ladies here tonight.

(play the song after song sheets are passed out)

The song speaks of roots and wings.? As parents, we raise our chldren to have both ROOTS and WINGS.

ROOTS:? One dictionary defines roots as “the usually underground portion of a plant that serves as a support, draws food and water from the surrounding soil, and stores food.”

In our walk with Christ, our roots are developed in many ways.? One way roots are developed is through godly instruction and training in the? home.? Parents invest much of their lives nurturing, instructing by word and actions; as we do this, we are trying to the best of our ability and intentions, to model Christ’s sacrificial love.

My husband and I went to a Parenting Seminar in February in G.R.? A few people chuckled when we told them where we were and why, since our children are getting older.? But, we are still learning and will continue to learn and we were so glad we attended.

The speaker reminded us of the importance of teaching about and living out love.? He said, “Teaching love is hard – you don’t teach? willing self-sacrifice without laying down your life for your spouse, for your children. “? He gently but firmly reminded us that it costs us to teach love.? It cost Jesus His life as He died, to accomplish the Father’s will.? He spoke about a crisis of sending our youth into the world who are not prepared to love sacrificially.? Young people need to know this as they grow up, move on as adults and for many, get married.? Love costs us.? Love means working out problems, facing problems that arise, forgiving on a daily basis.? Count it a great blessing to have experienced this in your family life.

Roots are also developed and grow from hearing the Word of God preached in a Bible believing church.? The church is instituted by God to be a body of believers coming together to worship the Creator God and to function as a body, sharing joys and offering support in trials.? May the Lord guide each of us in this area;? may He direct A. and S. as they begin married life soon.

Thirdly, it is our prayer that all of us would continue to deepen our roots by carving out time for Bible Study and prayer.? Temptations are dealt with before they occur, in the closet.? Guidance and direction come through studying the Word.? Wisdom is uncovered as buried treasure is uncovered.? With the ever-changing ebb and flow of our busy lives, this time too, is varied and everchanging.? Fifteen years ago for my friend Elizabeth, mom of 9, it meant using the quiet times of the middle of the night nursings to read some Scripture and pray.? There were days when I had 4 children under 7 years, and the Lord used Bible on tape or sermons in the car plus times of putting on praise and worship songs in the the home to deepen my roots.? Right now, I have a little more time so I’m combing through the Proverbs verse by verse with a notebook, Bible, commentary, collating verses on specific character qualities .

Read Proverbs 7:1-4

I need to lay up the Word in my heart, making it a priority.? Charles Bridges in his commentary on Proverbs says, “Let the whole Word of God be our precious treasure.” (p. 67)

I’ve spent alot of time on roots, now let’s consider the wings.

A., and all of you young ladies, and believe it or not, us older ladies, too – may the Lord help us all to find the wings He’s given us.

An elder at our church drew a chart making it so clear that a little baby is so ever dependent on his parents for food, nurturing, comfort, everything.? I experienced that once again last weekend, holding my 3 week old granddaughter.? She needed care.? But she, at 3 wks., was already using facial expressions, listening and interacting.? My one year old grandson was already walking around, picking things up, saying things and jabbering.? As these little ones grow, their parents must be ready to let go, little by little, so by the time the child is an adult around 18 years, the child is treated more as an adult.? The parent/child relationship remains, but the child’s dependency on the adult for survival is diminished.? The parents need to let go so the child, now an adult, can use her wings.

So, A. D., all of you,? – find your wings!? One of my girls reminds me, “Love God and do as you please.”? If we truly love Him, what we say, do, think will please Him.? Thankfully, it doesn’t mean we are boxed into a specific mold.? Let us make Jesus our measuring stick, not Mrs. So and So or Miss So and So.? Besides, if we live to please others, not Jesus, we’ll never be able to please everyone.

Enjoy the journey of life, finding your wings.

Find or make your style in decorating, hospitality, food preparation, dress, …

Develop your passion(s) – your passion is what gets your creative juices going, maybe it’s writing or reaching out, sewing or cooking, artworkor knitting, bike repair or?

FInd ways to serve others in the home, at times – outside the home – using your style in the area of your passion.

Try new things.? Learn new things.

Live in the moment, make plans, yes, but be content with each second, minute, day, and, therefore, enjoy each second, minute, day.

Let your roots grow ever deeper as your wings help you to fly and soar, at times.

Copyright May 2008, all rights reserved.? J. Vos

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