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Introducing Jessie Dage, a Bingham Farms Mom

Here’s an introduction to Jessie’s new blog…

Why, hello there! Thanks for coming by. Would you like a cup oí tea? Letís sit a while, and Iíll introduce myself.†

Our Family

“My name is Jessie, and at 30, Iíve experienced just enough of life, grief, and parenting to know that I have so. much. more. to learn. I have two (and a half) kids. ďFiremanĒ Andrew is four, and Louisa, exuberant and sweet, is two going on 20. Our tie-breaker is due in November. Spoiler alert: itís a boy! My husband, Stephen, is an engineer through and through, as well as a wonderful dad. Last summer Stephen brought Frank, a 1972 firetruck with a working ladder, siren, and horn home to join our family. I canít tell who loves him more, Andrew or Stephen?”

Continued in the link below…

Introducing Jessie Dage, a Bingham Farms Mom