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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Pathway Ministries has Great Planners for the Family

Pathway Ministries ( has a wonderful selection of planners for the family. The planners, previously provided by Bible League, are now only available from Pathway Ministries. For pre-school/kindergarten there is the Childhood Connection Planner. It’s full color and full size, at 8.5×11″. This includes 120 days of Bible-centered activities to train children in the daily habit of talking and listening to God.

Next, for lower elementary, there’s the Elementary Connection Journal. This includes an abridged version of the chapter a day reading track. There is a front pocket for correspondence and weekly verse. Large format.

For upper elementary – middle school there’s the Full-size Student Connection Planner. It’s also 8.5×11″ and has 3 reading tracks, study helps, room to write assignments and more.

For middle school – college there’s the Compact Student Connection Planner. Only 5.5×8.5 ” it’s easy to tote around. It’s packed full of information, space for assignments, 3 reading tracks, etc.

Teachers are included in what’s available, too. There’s the Connection Lesson Planner with 198 pages of lesson plan pages and a record book. “Seven period columns, M-F rows, daily schedule, seating chart tables, monthly overview pages, and more.” Also, there’s a Connection Wall Chart which gives students a single, identifiable place to go for assignments.

While supplies last, the LIFEPlanner is available. They are undated and hole punched.

Prices are absolutely LOW for all products, so check website out today.


Well ladies, I’d be interested in knowing if any of your husbands have discovered GTD. GTD stands for getting things done. My husband has been interested in learning more about GTD the past 2 months and my home has become much more organized and more clutter free than before. One of the big lessons we’ve been learning is to NOT make the whole basement, garage and house a big inbox. Instead, have a (that’s right A) designated spot / basket on the desk for the inbox. What this will do is begin to consolidate incoming info. Also, a motto is the TRASH CAN IS MY FRIEND. That’s right, keep throwing out junk/decluttering. Throw stuff out daily, esp. at the beginning of implementing some of these changes. We can actually see alot more of our basement floor since we got going with this system. If you have any GTD stories to swap, let me know.