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Monthly Archives: April 2007

20 Years of Faithfulness

Today, our congregation celebrated its 20 year anniversary.? Our Pastor has been preaching about addiction, temptation, Christ’s death on the cross to take our sins away, hope in the Saviour.? So, he continued the series.

An interesting observation is that as technology has developed greatly in the past 100 years, this has not improved our spiritual state.? We are just as much sinners today as the folks living 100 years ago, and going way back to biblical times.

I know this is kind of a rambling entry, but that’s ok.? An entry isn’t a polished essay to be handed into a professor.

The people in Old Testament times needed a Saviour just as much as the folks living in the Little House on the Prairie days.? And we need a Saviour just as much as all those folks.? How I give thanks for the Lord reaching down and changing my heart of stone into a heart of flesh, for washing my sins away by the blood of Jesus Christ!

After the service today, which included a celebration of the Lord’s Table (Communion), we set up tables to have a church luncheon, to sup together.? Everyone brought a dish to pass/share, and some ladies cooked chicken and pasta for all.? When we eat together, we get to know one another better.

Following the luncheon, there was a planned program of recounting the Lord’s work at our church which included a video clip of our pastor and a dvd summary of the past 20 years.? “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good!”? There was an open microphone for a while; several adults and children told how the Lord worked or recited Scripture.

It was a joyous celebration!

Pray for God to Bring Good out of the Tragedy

Let’s pray for those families who lost loved ones in the tragedy in Virginia.

Let’s reach out to those around us, those God puts in our path.? Is someone sad, distraught?

Let’s be more thankful for the gifts the Lord bestows on us, and use those for His glory.

Let’s appreciate our families, loved ones, and friends – and let them know.

Let’s turn to the Lord and meditate on the words of the Bible, storing truth in our hearts.

“Oh Lord, thank-You that You are sovereign.? Help us to trust in You.? Be with those families who lost a loved

one in the tragic event on the university campus.? May many, many turn to You to find the peace, wisdom and

comfort they need.? In Jesus’ name.”

Some Practical Ways to Help New Parents

There’s a new baby in the family, or in a young family you know.

What can you do to assist?? Visit, bring a meal, cook some food for them and put leftovers in little containers to refrigerate or freeze for future meals.? Help the new dad check the fluids in the car(s).? Help do a small home/apartment repair that’s been needing to get done.? Pray with them.? Sing with them.? Hug them.? Encourage them. Rejoice with them. Talk with them.

Take a walk with them.? If they are going to be moving, help pack boxes.? Or, go get a bunch of boxes for them so when the time comes to pack, the boxes will be there.? Buy some packing tape to close the boxes.? Sweep the floors, wash the counters, do the dishes, hold the baby.? “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.”

Serving others takes many shapes……..if we keep our eyes open we will begin to see many ways we can serve the family with the new baby…….even if it means taking out the garbage for them, or changing a diaper, or calming the baby.

God is Good!

Well, Opa and I, along with 2 of our daughters (now Aunties), took a long weekend trip to the South to see our first grandchild.? A good friend emailed me and asked what that was like.? I would have to say that it’s truly indescribable.? Seeing the tiny fragile features of this little grandson up close, holding him in my arms, is just tremendous!? Words are inadequate.? God is so good, and His handiwork of creating a tiny new life in the womb, then being able to meet the little one that was formed in the secret place is truly only something a loving, Mighty, Powerful God could do.? As I leave the keyboard to shed a few quiet tears of utter joy, rejoice with our family in this birth.? Truly, God is good!