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Some Practical Ways to Help New Parents

There’s a new baby in the family, or in a young family you know.

What can you do to assist?? Visit, bring a meal, cook some food for them and put leftovers in little containers to refrigerate or freeze for future meals.? Help the new dad check the fluids in the car(s).? Help do a small home/apartment repair that’s been needing to get done.? Pray with them.? Sing with them.? Hug them.? Encourage them. Rejoice with them. Talk with them.

Take a walk with them.? If they are going to be moving, help pack boxes.? Or, go get a bunch of boxes for them so when the time comes to pack, the boxes will be there.? Buy some packing tape to close the boxes.? Sweep the floors, wash the counters, do the dishes, hold the baby.? “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.”

Serving others takes many shapes……..if we keep our eyes open we will begin to see many ways we can serve the family with the new baby…….even if it means taking out the garbage for them, or changing a diaper, or calming the baby.