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Changes in the Family

Our families are ever-changing…….the babies become toddlers who become youth then young adults.? There are added responsibilities and privileges as one grows.? For example,? a 3 year old is not allowed to cross the street alone, but the 10 year old can.? The 10 year old is not allowed to drive, but the 16 year old is able.

With many folks in the family, the changes can snowball and be overwhelming for some folks.? So , it’s a good idea to sit down as a family periodically and talk.? Talk about how God has answered prayer and guided.? Rejoice in His goodness.? Also, ask for prayer requests and then spend time together praying.? We did this recently until about 1am; by the time we ended a few were drifting off to sleep.? But, the Lord has already been answering some of the prayers, noticeably.

Furthermore, it’s good to spend some time alone with God, crying out to Him, praising Him in song or with words, thanking Him.? One of my daughters recently fasted and prayed for a day; she said this helped her very much.? She was able to focus on Him and beseech Him for guidance.

Oh, give thanks to the Lord for He is good!

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