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20 Years of Faithfulness

Today, our congregation celebrated its 20 year anniversary.? Our Pastor has been preaching about addiction, temptation, Christ’s death on the cross to take our sins away, hope in the Saviour.? So, he continued the series.

An interesting observation is that as technology has developed greatly in the past 100 years, this has not improved our spiritual state.? We are just as much sinners today as the folks living 100 years ago, and going way back to biblical times.

I know this is kind of a rambling entry, but that’s ok.? An entry isn’t a polished essay to be handed into a professor.

The people in Old Testament times needed a Saviour just as much as the folks living in the Little House on the Prairie days.? And we need a Saviour just as much as all those folks.? How I give thanks for the Lord reaching down and changing my heart of stone into a heart of flesh, for washing my sins away by the blood of Jesus Christ!

After the service today, which included a celebration of the Lord’s Table (Communion), we set up tables to have a church luncheon, to sup together.? Everyone brought a dish to pass/share, and some ladies cooked chicken and pasta for all.? When we eat together, we get to know one another better.

Following the luncheon, there was a planned program of recounting the Lord’s work at our church which included a video clip of our pastor and a dvd summary of the past 20 years.? “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good!”? There was an open microphone for a while; several adults and children told how the Lord worked or recited Scripture.

It was a joyous celebration!