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Graduation – An ending or a beginning?

Much to my surprise I find myself preparing for another child’s graduation. I’ve been blessed with 6 children; one is with Jesus due to a miscarriage several years ago. Of the other five, I am now preparing for the fourth graduation.

When I think of graduation, I think of endings and beginnings. In our state, we have the opportunity to participate in formal homeschool graduations sponsored by CHEM (Christian Home Educators of Michigan). This is a wonderful opportunity to bring closure to the homeschooling years, if you’ve been homeschooling. This program allows us to participate in a God-glorifying event, complete with prayers, songs of praise, a message/charge, and the handing out of diplomas by the parents themselves. When the parent or parents give the diploma to his/their child, they are allowed a one minute spot to give a blessing to the student. This blessing may take the form of a prayer, Scripture, song, composition, or charge. This is truly a unique event and the blessings from the parent is very special.

This week, as my daughter goes through her memory boxes (3 or so) to decide what she may want to display at her open house, she is able to go down memory lane and process some highlights of what she’s been doing the past 17 years since she was born. Yes, some of the papers will end up in the trash, like the many math notebooks filled with page after page of answers and calculations. There are some treasures in the boxes, like the email sent from a dear Christian uncle who has since passed away, scripture memory verses scrawled on index cards, and encouraging notes form grandparents who have passed away.? There are some music and sports awards, some nice pieces of artwork, journals of God’s leading, etc.
After the ceremony and the open house, there will be new horizons for my daughter to explore…a new summer job as a life guard, new friendships, preparations for future work and honing cooking skills and other homemaking arts, more missions trips as God leads, …

Celebrate the passing of a period focused on study and living for the Lord as a student. Anticipate the adventures to come as God guides and directs the steps of these new graduates, young adults waiting on the Lord for guidance and direction.