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Months of May and June

Celebrations, celebrations, celebrations…….that is what May and June typically consist of.? We celebrate the end of the school year.? We celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.? There may be some bridal or baby showers, graduation parties, weddings, birthdays, etc.? The book of Ecclesiastes reminds us, there is a time for everything under heaven.? God is sovereign and He reigns on high.? As we live in His fear, that is – wanting His stamp of approval on everything we do, we begin to grow in wisdom.? As we celebrate and rejoice with those around us in their milestones,? let us be ever mindful of His utter goodness, His mercy and kindness towards us.

My life is changing.? I am seeing loved ones and elderly neighbors leave this earth.? I am seeing new babies being born.? I am, by God’s grace alone, learning to accept all of these events, to embrace the moment, to enjoy even more living in His presence.