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The Family Meal Table and Hospitality

The Family Meal Table and Hospitality is a fantastic manual by Nancy Campbell from Above Rubies. This manual is a workbook, too, with spaces to record observations and Bible study notes. Ladies, do you realize the importance of the Family Meal Table? When we sit around the table, we not only feast on food because we are hungry, but we feast on God’s Word together. Recapture the power of the meal table….fellowship together. The days of child rearing our little ones pass quickly (although it doesn’t seem like it sometimes!) If you need some direction in establishing your family’s meal table, consider reading through this manual.

The subheading to the title says, ” ‘What does God have to say about the table in your home? This study guide will tell you. Be prepared to enlarge your vision!’ ”

We are selling the Family Meal Table DVD; if you want a copy, mail us $18 (cash, money order or check) Send payment to IX Publishing, Inc., PO Box 2578, Dearborn, MI 48123-2578. That includes postage and handling. This DVD is life-changing and very encouraging. Allow a few weeks for delivery.