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Treasures of Encouragement

Hi Everyone: Treasures of Encouragement is the title of a book I borrowed for a couple weeks. The woman who lent it to me said it was one of the best books she’s ever read! The subtitle reads, ‘Women Helping Women in the Church’. The author is Sharon W. Betters and it is published by P and R Publishing.

Sharon explains that from a stable and secure relationship with Christ we can reach out to those around us, especially when they are needing encouragement. Some chapter titles are: Priceless Treasures of Encouragement and Taking Responsibility for One Another in part one, Thinking Biblically. In part two, Living Biblically, a few chapter titles are: Spiritual Mothering, Apples of God in Settings of Silver, and Treasures in the Wilderness of Suffering.

Looks like the book is available from several sources, so pick one up — it’s worthy study.