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Happy Thanksgiving to all Who Read This

Today, as part of my devotional time with the Lord, I was going through another chapter of Gate Keepers of the Home – How to Guard Your Home by Nancy Campbell. The chapter dealt with how we can bless/minister to/encourage others. I share with you this entry from Matthew Henry’s commentary discussing Proverbs 11:25 which reads, “The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself.”

“So backward are we to works of charity, and so ready to think that giving undoes us, that we need to have it very much pressed upon us how much it is for our own advantage to do good to others, as before, v. 17. 1. We shall have the comfort of it in our own bosoms: The liberal soul, the soul of blessing, that prays for the afflicted and provides for them, that scatters blessings with gracious lips and generous hands, that soul shall be made fat with true pleasure and enriched with more grace. 2. We shall have the recompence of it both from God and man: He that waters others with the streams of his bounty shall be also watered himself; God will certainly return it in the dews, in the plentiful showers, of his blessing, which he will pour out, till there be not room enough to receive it, Mal. 3:10. Men that have any sense of gratitude will return it if there be occasion; the merciful shall find mercy and the kind be kindly dealt with. 3. We shall be enabled still to do yet more good: He that waters, even he shall be as rain (so some read it); he shall be recruited as the clouds are which return after the rain, and shall be further useful and acceptable, as the rain to the new-mown grass, he that teaches shall learn (so the Chaldee reads it); he that uses his knowledge in teaching others shall himself be taught of God; to him that has, and uses what he has, more shall be given.”

Family Devotions: a Very Important Tradition

Our church denomination’s magazine, called New Horizons, recently had an uplifting article called “Family Devotions: Passing Down a Tradition.” The article gives many examples of families forming the habit of reading Scripture together,memorizing it, praying, singing hymns/songs to the Lord, and discussing the Lord’s work in their lives. What struck me was the evidence of God working in a covenantal way in families, from generation to generation to generation.

That could be a whole study in itself, and entire books have been written about covenant theology. What is important in this brief column today is the importance of family devotions. Deuteronomy 11:18-19 says, “You shall therefore lay up these words of mine in your heart and in your soul…You shall teach them to your children, talking of them when you are sitting in your house.”

Having family devotions does take discipline. It means keeping children at the table in order to open up the Word. It means saying no to the doorbell ringing, phone ringing, the computer clamoring for attention, a host of activities that could usurp some time to read and pray. Forming the habit takes effort and time. But we need to take advantage of these family eating times to feast also upon our Lord, too.

Psalm 138:6

This verse from the Psalms says, “Though the Lord is on high, yet He regards the lowly; But the proud He knows from afar.”

Isn’t that awesome that the Lord has great concern for His people, those who put their trust wholly in Him? Some of the definitions in my American Heritage Dictionary for the word “regard” are: to look at attentively, observe closely, look upon or consider in a particular way, to consider or to take into account, and more. I was trying to find my 1828 Webster’s dictionary but it has been moved again! We all enjoy look words up in that tome because the definitions are usually so much more rich and meaningful and at times include Scripture verses. When I find it, I’ll update this!
Are we dependent on God? Are we trusting in Him alone for our salvation? Have we humbled ourselves before Him, thanking Him for His greatness, for His majesty, His mercy, His forgiveness? He is so awesome! He has, as it were, stooped and reached down to us to forgive us, to guide us, to bind up our wounds. He is attentive to us. Lord, how I thank You for YOUR very being, You are the great “I AM”, you are the Alpha and the Omega, You are the King of Kings!

Reading from Amy Scott’s Blog

I was checking some of my favorite sites and came across this entry from Amy Scott’s blog. She writes about reading the Bible to one’s children and the importance of that. She also included some catechism questions and answers pertaining to sin, yes, that’s right, SIN. So many people are afraid to mention that word. Kudos to Amy for including this material on her site called

I have thoroughly enjoyed going through the Children’s Catechism with each of my 5 children. Right now, with my 12 yr. old we are up to the questions re: the 10 Commandments. I think learning the catechism gives a good theological foundation for children; I learn alot, too, as I go through the questions and answers. This is in addition to reading and studying the Bible together alone and as a family.

Truly, God is merciful to send His only begotten Son, Jesus, to die on the cross to take the punishment that His people deserved. “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be washed white as snow.”