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Swimming Team

My 11 year old daughter is on a local summer swimming team.? Mon. – Thurs. morning the team practices from 8am – 9am.? Sometimes the neighbor children ride bikes together.? If that doesn’t work, I put my bike helmet on and bike over with my daughter.

Once or twice a week they’ve had swim meets.? There are over 60 events, from 100 free style relays to IM’s to 50 breast stroke.? All 4 strokes are covered in age groups beginning with 6 and under upwards to the 17-18 year olds.? This year, my daughter has enjoyed swimming and has earned 2 firsts, 2 seconds, and 2 third place ribbons.? It has been a joy to watch her swim and learn about being on a team.

When you’re on a team, you need to remember that being a “good sport” is followed.? The players/swimmers need to encourage eachother, congratulate each other, and do their part.? Whining and complaining aren’t conducive to fostering sportsmanship.? If there’s a discrepancy, it can be dealt with calmly.

This week is the city qualifying meet where all the children gather at one pool and therefore the competition is more stiffl.? Then, the final meet is next week with the top places participating.? It’s a fun summer sport.? Several years ago some of the children went on to continue year round swimming with a U.S.S. team.? That was a big commitment.

When I ride the bike with my daughter to swim practice, I usually exercise by walking around the track.? Today, the chlorine reading was too high, so my walk was cut short because practice was canceled.? Flexibility is key!!