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What do we Raise our Children For?

Time marches on. Our children grow up. What do we raise our children for? How do we raise them? We raise them for the glory of the Almighty Lord; He is the One who gave each of our children to us.

So it doesn’t surprise me that one of my children is off on a 6 month missions trip to help at an orphanage in South Africa. Each of my older 4 children has gone on at least one short term missions trip. Places of service have been: Tanzania, Uganda, Mexico, Louisiana (after Hurricane Katrina), the inner city of Chatanooga, and even in our hometown. These opportunities have heightened their awareness of the needs in the world and that the world is much bigger than where we live, go to school, worship, etc.

Going away for 6 months is a very big commitment for a 19 year old. But, it was laid on her heart to get out of her comfort zone and serve the Lord some where for a longer time period. So, she is at TLC near Johannesburg. This ministry seeks to take care of abandoned babies and toddlers. This is putting James 1:27 into action which speaks on pure and undefiled religion is to take care of widows and orphans.

As we train our children to love Jesus and live for Him, as we model His love to others, as we worship and serve in our local churches, we should not be surprised or saddened or ? when our child makes a decision to take a step of faith and put his faith in action. May we be rejoicing, encouraging, and supportive.