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Shepherding a Child’s Heart

Shepherding a Child’s Heart is the name of an excellent book by Tedd Tripp. Dr. David Powlison of Westminster Theological Seminary says, ” ‘ Tedd Tripp knows what he is talking about and he knows who he is talking to. He knows children, he knows parents….and he knows the ways of God. This book teaches you what your goals should be and how to pursue these ends practically….It will inspire you to become a different kind of parent.’ ” Rev. John MacArthur says, ” ‘ With the plethora of material on parenting and the family, it is surprising – and distressing – to see how few books are genuinely biblical. Here is a refreshing exception. In Shepherding a Child’s Heart, Tedd Tripp offers solid, trustworthy, biblical help for parents.’ ”

Sheparding a Childs Heart
So, if your small group is looking for a book to study, especially if your group wants to learn about parenting in a biblical way, definitely check this book out. It’s a great read for a parent or couple to read alone or together. There are questions at the end of the chapters which lead to discussion on the material covered.

We are going to study this in our ABC Group which is a small group for women to mentor new mothers. May God bless the time we spend developing our parenting skills. There is a lot of Scripture given so have your Bibles out and ready to study, as well. The book is available from Books-A-Million and? many other sources.
Celebrate parenting!!