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The Shoe Box by Francine Rivers

If you’re looking for an inspirational book to read to your children or as a family, go to the library and check out The Shoe Box, by Francine Rivers. It is wonderfully illustrated by Linda Dockey Graves. On the back cover it says, “Six -year old Timmy O’Neil comes to live with Mary and David Holmes on a cloudy day in September. When Timmy arrives, he has very few things with him. As he slowly makes new friends, he finds a chance to offer his small treasures to a very special someone. A tender and moving story from beloved author Francine Rivers, retold especially for children ages 6-10.”

If I say much more I’ll spoil the adventure. Francine Rivers even includes a page entitled: How This Story Came to Be. Themes of healing, mercy and joy shine through. The Lord’s graciousness to adopt His children as His own is manifest in a special way. Enjoy!