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Fact Sheets Available

We have some helpful fact sheets available. Each fact sheet is FREE; we just ask for a small fee to cover shipping and handling.

1. 10 great books to know about when you homeschool. I guess you would call this our Top Ten Books Relating to Home Education. ($2.00)

2. Oral Histories – the Hidden Gems. This is actually an encouragement for everyone reading this to collect an oral history of your parents/grandparents, etc. Plus, the sheet includes poignant questions you’ll want to ask. ($2.00)

3. Getting Into College – This fact sheet is a personal testimony from a young man’s point of view. Having received over 3/4 of a million dollars in college scholarship offers, he gives some simple tips re: how this came to be. ($4.00 – this is a few pages long.)

Later this year, we hope to offer these as e-pamphlets. For now, send cash to: IX Publishing, Inc., Dept. FS, PO Box 2578, Dearborn, MI 48123-2578.