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Wrestling With an Angel

My friend Cheryl forwarded this video link recently. ?Cheryl wanted me to see the story posted on Desiring God?called ?The Glory of God in the Gift of ?Disability. ?John Piper was talking about…

Jesus says that the purpose of the blindness is to put the work of God on display. This means that for our suffering to have ultimate meaning, God must be supremely valuable to us. More valuable than health and life.?

But what if the intense suffering is happening to your child? Can God really be more valuable to a parent than a healthy child? Can there possibly be purpose to disability?

Listen to the tough policeman explain how his life was forever changed by God – using his adopted son.

[vimeo &w=470&h=310]

Greg Lucas, the policeman, and father of Jake tells the whole story in a new book, ?Wrestling with an Angel: A Story of Love, Disablity and the Lessons of Grace.

This touched my life, and was a blessing to me.



Venture Academy Available from Franklin Springs Media

This 16 DVD set with 38 sessions features Wade Myers, Harvard MBA.? More importantly, though, Mr. Myers is a godly man.? This set , offered by Franklin Springs Media, contains 38 sessions, 6 workbooks, and a preloaded USB drive.? Have you wanted to become an entrepreneur?? Are looking for sound teaching on this subject from a Biblical perspective?? Are you at a crossroads in your vocation?? Take a few moments to check out this resource.?

Just a few areas you’ll learn about are:



**Deuteronomy 8:18

**Productivity and Creativity

**Matthew 25 – Parable of the Talents

**Success : is it really the one with the most toys who wins?? Or is it obedience to God’s commands?

Have you considered what it means to be fruitful?? We are here on the earth to advance the Kingdom; it’s not about us.? When we bear fruit, we are glorifying our Lord.? Fruitfulness is a consequence of obedience.

There is so much more that could be said; be sure to check Venture Academy out today.

Learning Patience

It’s been said that if one prays for patience he/she better be ready to go through (or is it grow through?) some trying times.? Back in the early days of my marriage, I prayed for patience….God gave me 5 children!!? This past week we’ve been learning more about patience as we await the official final word of the Ford Fiesta Contest.? A 100 winners will be chosen to be Fiesta Agents for 6 months, going on one monthly special secret assignment.? The winners will get to use the Fiesta , free fuel and insurance, too!? My husband submitted his video entry several days ago now and we expectantly await news.? We naturally think his video was one of the best and he would be an asset to the team of Agents.? My husband actually compared this week to being in labor and giving birth……….hmmm…………I don’t think he really knows what we womenfolk go through in our labors and deliveries.? But, it’s a good analogy and I hope the birth is soon!

Could this be God’s provision for our auto needs til Fall?!? We hope so!