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At the Movies: Date Your Spouse in the House

Looking for some oldie but goodie movies for at home movie night with your husband? Here are a few dvd’s I recently found at my public library. Pop some popcorn and stir up some lemonade. Here you go:

  • A Man for All Seasons – This 1966 movie has a G rating. That in itself is wonderful! How many recent movies are G rated? This movie is about Sir Thomas More. He was a 16th century Chancellor of England who would not compromise his beliefs. He was beheaded by Henry VIII because he would not recant nor compromise his faith. Sir Thomas More’s closing lines are:  “I die his majesty’s good servant, but God’s first.”
  • I Confess – Although I’m not really into the Hitchcock scene, this 1953 Hitchcock drama is riveting! It’s about a priest who hears a murderer’s confession. The priest himself is arrested and goes to trial for the crime. Will the priest betray his vows? Will he compromise his faith? The priest is not willing to betray is vows. Watch to see how it ends.
  • Tender Mercies – A film produced in 1982 with a PG rating. This film depicts a country singer at his low point being drawn to Christ. Touching movie. There is an on screen baptism shown.

Blessings with Laura Story

Laura Story and Jane Vos

Laura Story and Jane Vos

I had the privilege of attending a brunch and concert at Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church, June 2013.  I was attending the PCA General Assembly as an exhibitor with Five More Talents.  A few months ago, I had signed up for the concert and brunch, not realizing Laura Story was going to be there.

Driving in the rain a couple years ago, I heard the song Blessings playing on the radio.  I began to cry and wondered who wrote it and if I could ever find all the words.

God had a bigger picture and I was totally surprised to have the privilege of sharing that time with Laura Story. I had my picture taken after we talked a few minutes.  Laura also autographed my CD.

When Laura Story penned her now-famous song “Blessings,” she could hardly have imagined the way it would affect people from across the globe; or the acclaim it would bring.  Laura won a GRAMMY award for the song – Best Contempary Christian Song in 2012.

At the brunch that morning, Laura shared about her husband’s diagnosis of a brain tumor going into the second year of her marriage.  She explained that his vision and memory are still impaired.  In the midst of disability, in the context of going through this, Laura sings the song, “Blessings.”


Wrestling With an Angel

My friend Cheryl forwarded this video link recently. ?Cheryl wanted me to see the story posted on Desiring God?called ?The Glory of God in the Gift of ?Disability. ?John Piper was talking about…

Jesus says that the purpose of the blindness is to put the work of God on display. This means that for our suffering to have ultimate meaning, God must be supremely valuable to us. More valuable than health and life.?

But what if the intense suffering is happening to your child? Can God really be more valuable to a parent than a healthy child? Can there possibly be purpose to disability?

Listen to the tough policeman explain how his life was forever changed by God – using his adopted son.

[vimeo &w=470&h=310]

Greg Lucas, the policeman, and father of Jake tells the whole story in a new book, ?Wrestling with an Angel: A Story of Love, Disablity and the Lessons of Grace.

This touched my life, and was a blessing to me.