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Introducing Jessie Dage, a Bingham Farms Mom

Here’s an introduction to Jessie’s new blog…

Why, hello there! Thanks for coming by. Would you like a cup o’ tea? Let’s sit a while, and I’ll introduce myself. 

Our Family

“My name is Jessie, and at 30, I’ve experienced just enough of life, grief, and parenting to know that I have so. much. more. to learn. I have two (and a half) kids. “Fireman” Andrew is four, and Louisa, exuberant and sweet, is two going on 20. Our tie-breaker is due in November. Spoiler alert: it’s a boy! My husband, Stephen, is an engineer through and through, as well as a wonderful dad. Last summer Stephen brought Frank, a 1972 firetruck with a working ladder, siren, and horn home to join our family. I can’t tell who loves him more, Andrew or Stephen?”

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Ready to Go!

It’s been a long time since writing here! There have been weddings, funerals, births, illness, misunderstandings, joys and trials. You’re right: life has been happening! So thankful to be a child of the King. Jesus Christ lived, was crucified and took the punishment I deserved for my sins. He rose again!

Jane’s List

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A List of Mental Health Resources

compiled by Jane E. Vos

Learning that you or a loved one has a mental illness can be devastating. Your world is turned “upside down”. Finding support and resources can take months of research. In the meantime, it is easy to lose hope and feel alone. This collection of helpful resources has come together after 5 years of effort. We care about what you’re going through.