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Ode to Unemployment

He went into work just like
any old day.
The boss said, “Go home.”
So I knelt down to pray.

“Lord, it’s been 20 years
since he started that work,
and diligence was shown
never duties to shirk.”

The Lord said, “Be still,
in Me always trust,
not in men, things, and boats,
in the end, they’ll be dust.”

So together we took a deep breath
sucked it up.
We set some new goals and pled,
“Lord, fill our cup.”

Well, the freezer’s been full
thanks to Rev and our friends.
Bagels, bread, deer meat,
chicken, burger – what’er He sends.

The mortgage’s been paid
and the water bill too.
Our new pal Darlene
gave us more than one shoe.

Chinese lanterns were bartered
for a dinner and show.
Denise shared her salmon
so PJ could grow.

It’s certainly not been
all flowers and hot dogs,
but the Lord has been faithful
to pull us out of the bog.

Our work is not over
and our sleeves are rolled up
knowing that He’ll always be with us
in glory forever we’ll sup.

Unemployment? What’s that?
But a journey of trust.
To see what God’s plan is
living for Him, is a must.